General Provisions
Division 1 Financial Institutions
Division 1.1 Banking
Division 1.2 Money Transmission Act
Division 1.3 The Setting of Fees in Consumer Credit Agreements and Related Consumer Protections
Division 1.4 California Financial Information Privacy Act
Division 1.5 Financial Institutions
Division 1.6 Depository Corporations-Sale, Merger, and Conversion
Division 1.7 Covered Loans
Division 1.8 Securities Sales
Division 1.9 Persons Connected With Financial Institutions
Division 1.10 Higher-Priced Mortgage Loans
Division 2 Savings Association Law
Division 3 Check Sellers, Bill Payers, and Proraters
Division 4 Automated Teller Machines: User Safety
Division 4.5 Automated Teller Machine Surcharge Disclosure
Division 5 Credit Unions
Division 6 Escrow Agents
Division 7 Industrial Loan Companies
Division 8 Pawnbrokers
Division 9 California Financing Law
Division 9.5 Commercial Financing Disclosures
Division 10 California Deferred Deposit Transaction Law
Division 10.5 Financial Empowerment Fund
Division 11.5 National Housing Act Loans
Division 12 College Loans
Division 12.5 Student Loan Servicing Act
Division 13 Premium Financing
Division 14 Securities Depositories
Division 15 Business and Industrial Development Corporations
Division 15.5 State Assistance Fund for Enterprise, Business and Industrial Development Corporation
Division 19 Release of Demand Deposit Funds
Division 20 California Residential Mortgage Lending Act
Division 20.5 Exchange Facilitators
Division 22 California Financial Literacy Fund
Division 23 Bank On California Program
Division 24 California Consumer Financial Protection Law
Division 25 Debt Collection Licensing Act