§ 2547.1 Qualifications of applicants
§ 2547.2 Procedures; applications
§ 2547.3 Price of land; payment
§ 2547.4 Publication and protests
§ 2547.5 Disposal considerations
§ 2547.6 Lands not subject to disposal under this subpart
§ 2547.7 Coordination with State and local governments

Terms Used In CFR > Title 43 > Subtitle B > Chapter II > Subchapter B > Part 2540 > Subpart 2547

  • Exceptions: The term golden parachute payment does not include:

    (i) Any payment made pursuant to a deferred compensation plan under section 457(b) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, 26 U. See 43 CFR 2547.6

  • federally insured credit union: means a Federal credit union, state chartered credit union, or corporate credit union the member accounts of which are insured under the Act. See 43 CFR 2547.6
  • golden parachute payment: means any payment or any agreement to make any payment in the nature of compensation by any federally insured credit union for the benefit of any current or former IAP pursuant to an obligation of the credit union that:

    (i) Is contingent on, or by its terms is payable on or after, the termination of the party's primary employment or affiliation with the credit union. See 43 CFR 2547.6

  • NCUA: means the National Credit Union Administration. See 43 CFR 2547.6
  • Nondiscriminatory: means that the plan, contract or arrangement applies to all employees of a federally insured credit union who meet reasonable and customary eligibility requirements applicable to all employees, such as minimum length of service requirements. See 43 CFR 2547.6