Part 7501 Supplemental Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Department of Housing and Urban Development

Terms Used In CFR > Title 5 > Chapter LXV

  • Act: means the Recreation and Public Purposes Act as amended by section 212 of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976. See 43 CFR 2740.0-5
  • Allocation: The control of the distribution of materials, services or facilities for a purpose deemed necessary or appropriate to promote the national defense. See 15 CFR 700.8
  • Allocation order: An official action to control the distribution of materials, services, or facilities for a purpose deemed necessary or appropriate to promote the national defense. See 15 CFR 700.8
  • Allotment: An official action that specifies the maximum quantity of a material, service, or facility authorized for a specific use to promote the national defense. See 15 CFR 700.8
  • Authorized officer: means any employee of the Bureau of Land Management who has been delegated the authority to perform the duties described in this part. See 43 CFR 2740.0-5
  • Conveyance: means a transfer of legal title. See 43 CFR 2740.0-5
  • Directive: An official action which requires a person to take or refrain from taking certain actions in accordance with its provisions. See 15 CFR 700.8
  • Financial statements: refers to a presentation of financial data, including accompanying notes, derived from accounting records of the credit union, and intended to disclose a credit union's economic resources or obligations at a point in time, or the changes therein for a period of time, in conformity with GAAP, as defined herein, or regulatory accounting procedures. See 43 CFR 2521.1
  • GAAS: is an acronym for "generally accepted auditing standards" which refers to the standards approved and adopted by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants which apply when an "independent, licensed certified public accountant" audits financial statements. See 43 CFR 2521.1
  • Hazardous substance: means any substance designated pursuant to Environmental Protection Agency regulations at 40 CFR part 302. See 43 CFR 2740.0-5
  • Homeland security: Includes efforts:

    (1) To prevent terrorist attacks within the United States. See 15 CFR 700.8

  • Independent: means the impartiality necessary for the dependability of the compensated auditor's findings. See 43 CFR 2521.1
  • Item: Any raw, in process, or manufactured material, article, commodity, supply, equipment, component, accessory, part, assembly, or product of any kind, technical information, process, or service. See 15 CFR 700.8
  • National defense: Programs for military and energy production or construction, military or critical infrastructure assistance to any foreign nation, homeland security, stockpiling, space, and any directly related activity. See 15 CFR 700.8
  • Official action: An action taken by the Department of Commerce under the authority of the Defense Production Act, the Selective Service Act and related statutes, and this part. See 15 CFR 700.8
  • Person: Any individual, corporation, partnership, association, or any other organized group of persons, or legal successor or representative thereof. See 15 CFR 700.8
  • Priorities authority: The authority of the Department of Commerce, pursuant to Section 101 of the Defense Production Act, to require priority performance of contracts and orders for industrial resource items for use in approved programs. See 15 CFR 700.8
  • Priority rating: An identifying code assigned by a Delegate Agency or authorized person placed on all rated orders and consisting of the rating symbol and the program identification symbol. See 15 CFR 700.8
  • Public lands: means any lands and interest in lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management, except lands located on the Outer Continental Shelf and lands held for the benefit of Indians, Aleuts and Eskimos. See 43 CFR 2740.0-5
  • Public purpose: means for the purpose of providing facilities or services for the benefit of the public in connection with, but not limited to, public health, safety or welfare. See 43 CFR 2740.0-5
  • Set-aside: An official action that requires a person to reserve materials, services, or facilities capacity in anticipation of the receipt of rated orders. See 15 CFR 700.8
  • Solid waste: means any material as defined under Environmental Protection Agency regulations at 40 CFR part 261. See 43 CFR 2740.0-5
  • Supervisory committee: refers to a supervisory committee as defined in Section 111(b) of the Federal Credit Union Act, 12 U. See 43 CFR 2521.1
  • Supervisory committee audit: refers to an engagement under either §715. See 43 CFR 2521.1