Article 1 General Provisions 6243e.2(1) – 6243q
§ 6228 Mothers’ Aid
§ 6228a-5 Annuities or Investments for Certain Public Employees; Salary Reductions
§ 6228a-6 Administration of Social Security Programs by Employees Retirement System
§ 6228d Death Before Retirement Under County Retirement Systems
§ 6228h Assumption of Pension Liabilities of Participating Subdivision by Annexing Governmental Entity
§ 6228j Retirement, Disability and Death Benefit Systems for Appointive County Employees
§ 6243a-1 Pension System for Police Officers and Firefighters in Certain Cities
§ 6243b Firemen and Policemen Pension Fund in Cities of 500,000 to 600,000
§ 6243c Validating Elections for Pensions in Cities of Over 10,000
§ 6243d Pensions in Cities of 290,000 or Over
§ 6243d-1 Policemen’s Relief and Retirement Fund
§ 6243e Texas Local Fire Fighters Retirement Act
§ 6243e.1 Firefighters Relief and Retirement Fund in Cities of 450,000 to 500,000