(a) Review

In carrying out the purposes of this chapter the Director shall, as he deems appropriate, review the energy information gathering activities of Federal agencies with a view toward avoiding duplication of effort and minimizing the compliance burden on business enterprises and other persons.

(b) Policy recommendations

In exercising his responsibilities under subsection (a) of this section, the Director shall recommend policies which, to the greatest extent practicable–

(1) provide adequately for the energy information needs of the various departments and agencies of the Federal Government, the Congress, and the public;

(2) minimize the burden of reporting energy information on businesses, other persons, and especially small businesses;

(3) reduce the cost to Government of obtaining information; and

(4) utilize files of information and existing facilities of established Federal agencies.

(c) Report to Administrator by other Federal agencies involved in collection of energy information; cooperation of other Federal agencies; report by Administrator to President, Congress, and Energy Resources Council

(1) At the earliest practicable date after August 14, 1976, each Federal agency which is engaged in the gathering of energy information as a part of an established program, function, or other activity shall promptly provide the Administrator with a report on energy information which–

(A) identifies the statutory authority upon which the energy information collection activities of such agency is based;

(B) lists and describes the energy information needs and requirements of such agency; and

(C) lists and describes the categories, definitions, levels of detail, and frequency of collection of the energy information collected by such agency.

Such agencies shall cooperate with the Administrator and provide such other descriptive information with respect to energy information activities as the Administrator may request. The Administrator shall prepare a report on his activities under this subsection, which report shall include recommendations with respect to the coordination of energy information activities of the Federal Government. Such report shall be available to the Congress and shall be transmitted to the President and to the Energy Resources Council for use in preparation of the plan required under subsection (c) of section 5818 of title 42.