(a) Full-time and part-time personnel holding permanent positions

Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, the transfer pursuant to this subchapter of full-time personnel (except special Government employees) and part-time personnel holding permanent positions pursuant to this subchapter shall not cause any such employee to be separated or reduced in grade or compensation for one year after August 4, 1977, except that full-time temporary personnel employed at the Energy Research Centers of the Energy Research and Development Administration upon the establishment of the Department who are determined by the Department to be performing continuing functions may at the employee’s option be converted to permanent full-time status within one hundred and twenty days following their transfer to the Department. The employment levels of full-time permanent personnel authorized for the Department by other law or administrative action shall be increased by the number of employees who exercise the option to be so converted.

(b) Person who held position compensated in accordance with chapter 53 of title 5

Terms Used In 42 USC 7292

  • Department: means the Department of Energy or any component thereof, including the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. See 42 USC 7101

Any person who, on October 1, 1977, held a position compensated in accordance with the Executive Schedule prescribed in chapter 53 of title 5, and who, without a break in service, is appointed in the Department to a position having duties comparable to those performed immediately preceding his appointment shall continue to be compensated in his new position at not less than the rate provided for his previous position, for the duration of his service in the new position.

(c) Employees holding reemployment rights acquired under section 786 of title 15

Employees transferred to the Department holding reemployment rights acquired under section 786 of title 15 1 or any other provision of law or regulation may exercise such rights only within one hundred twenty days from October 1, 1977, or within two years of acquiring such rights, whichever is later. Reemployment rights may only be exercised at the request of the employee.