§ 1801 Congressional declaration of policy
§ 1802 Definitions
§ 1803 Antitrust exemptions
§ 1804 Reinstatement of joint operating arrangements previously adjudged unlawful under antitrust laws

Terms Used In U.S. Code > Title 15 > Chapter 43

  • antitrust law: means the Federal Trade Commission Act [15 U. See 42 USC 256f
  • Board: means the National Credit Union Administration Board. See 42 USC 254f–1
  • Conviction: A judgement of guilt against a criminal defendant.
  • county: includes a parish, or any other equivalent subdivision of a State or Territory of the United States. See 19 USC 2292
  • failing newspaper: means a newspaper publication which, regardless of its ownership or affiliations, is in probable danger of financial failure. See 42 USC 256f
  • Fund: means the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. See 42 USC 254f–1
  • joint newspaper operating arrangement: means any contract, agreement, joint venture (whether or not incorporated), or other arrangement entered into by two or more newspaper owners for the publication of two or more newspaper publications, pursuant to which joint or common production facilities are established or operated and joint or unified action is taken or agreed to be taken with respect to any one or more of the following: printing. See 42 USC 256f
  • newspaper publication: means a publication produced on newsprint paper which is published in one or more issues weekly (including as one publication any daily newspaper and any Sunday newspaper published by the same owner in the same city, community, or metropolitan area), and in which a substantial portion of the content is devoted to the dissemination of news and editorial opinion. See 42 USC 256f
  • person: means any individual, and any partnership, corporation, association, or other legal entity existing under or authorized by the law of the United States, any State or possession of the United States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or any foreign country. See 42 USC 256f
  • Secretary: means the Secretary of Health and Human Services. See 42 USC 201
  • Service: means the Public Health Service. See 42 USC 201
  • State: includes , in addition to the several States, only the District of Columbia, Guam, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Northern Mariana Islands, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands. See 42 USC 201