Chapter 1 Election of Senators and Representatives
Chapter 2 Organization of Congress
Chapter 5 Library of Congress
Chapter 6 Congressional and Committee Procedure; Investigations
Chapter 9 Office of Legislative Counsel
Chapter 9A Office of Law Revision Counsel
Chapter 9C Office of Parliamentarian of House of Representatives
Chapter 9D Office of Senate Legal Counsel
Chapter 10 Classification of Employees of House of Representatives
Chapter 11 Citizens’ Commission On Public Service and Compensation
Chapter 12 Contested Elections
Chapter 15 Office of Technology Assessment
Chapter 16 Congressional Mailing Standards
Chapter 17 Congressional Budget Office
Chapter 17A Congressional Budget and Fiscal Operations
Chapter 17B Impoundment Control
Chapter 19 Congressional Award Program
Chapter 19A John Heinz Competitive Excellence Award
Chapter 20 Emergency Powers to Eliminate Budget Deficits
Chapter 20A Statutory Pay-as-You-Go
Chapter 22 John C. Stennis Center for Public Service Training and Development
Chapter 22A Congressional Office for International Leadership
Chapter 22B Hunger Fellowship Program
Chapter 24 Congressional Accountability
Chapter 25 Unfunded Mandates Reform
Chapter 26 Disclosure of Lobbying Activities
Chapter 27 Sound Recording Preservation by the Library of Congress
Chapter 28 Architect of the Capitol
Chapter 29 Capitol Police
Chapter 30 Operation and Maintenance of Capitol Complex
Chapter 31 Capitol Visitor Center
Chapter 41 Congressional Officers and Administration
Chapter 43 Congressional Committees
Chapter 45 Congressional Pay and Benefits
Chapter 47 Congressional Ethics
Chapter 49 Congressional Pages
Chapter 51 House of Representatives Leadership
Chapter 53 House of Representatives Members
Chapter 55 House of Representatives Officers and Administration
Chapter 61 Senate Leadership
Chapter 63 Senate Members
Chapter 65 Senate Officers and Administration