§ 4501 Congressional findings and declaration of policy
§ 4502 Definitions
§ 4503 Issuance of orders
§ 4504 Required terms in orders
§ 4505 Certification of organizations
§ 4506 Requirement of referendum
§ 4507 Suspension and termination of orders
§ 4508 Cooperative association representation
§ 4509 Petition and review
§ 4510 Enforcement
§ 4511 Investigations; power to subpena and take oaths and affirmations; aid of courts
§ 4512 Administrative provisions
§ 4513 Authorization of appropriations
§ 4514 Dairy reports

Terms Used In U.S. Code > Title 7 > Chapter 76 > Subchapter I

  • association: when used in reference to a corporation, shall be deemed to embrace the words "successors and assigns of such company or association" in like manner as if these last-named words, or words of similar import, were expressed. See 1 USC 5
  • Board: means the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board established under section 4504 of this title. See 7 USC 4502
  • dairy products: means products manufactured for human consumption which are derived from the processing of milk, and includes fluid milk products. See 7 USC 4502
  • Department: means the Department of Agriculture. See 7 USC 4502
  • fluid milk products: means those milk products normally consumed in liquid form as a beverage. See 7 USC 4502
  • importer: means a person that imports an imported dairy product into the United States. See 7 USC 4502
  • individual: shall include every infant member of the species homo sapiens who is born alive at any stage of development. See 1 USC 8
  • milk: means any class of cow's milk. See 7 USC 4502
  • nutrition education: means those activities intended to broaden the understanding of sound nutritional principles including the role of milk and dairy products in a balanced diet. See 7 USC 4502
  • officer: includes any person authorized by law to perform the duties of the office. See 1 USC 1
  • person: means any individual, group of individuals, partnership, corporation, association, cooperative, or any other entity. See 7 USC 4502
  • producer: means any person engaged in the production of milk for commercial use. See 7 USC 4502
  • promotion: means actions such as paid advertising, sales promotion, and publicity to advance the image and sales of and demand for dairy products. See 7 USC 4502
  • research: means studies testing the effectiveness of market development and promotion efforts, studies relating to the nutritional value of milk and dairy products, and other related efforts to expand demand for milk and dairy products. See 7 USC 4502
  • Secretary: means the Secretary of Agriculture. See 7 USC 4502
  • United States: when used in a geographical sense, means all of the States, the District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. See 7 USC 4502