§ 16-1-1 Definitions
§ 16-1-2 Inspection of buildings during and after construction; acceptance of completed construction; forms for construction contracts
§ 16-1-2.1 New school construction to include approved safe space or hallway
§ 16-1-2.2 New construction at public two-year and four-year institutions of higher education to include approved safe space or hallway
§ 16-1-3 Photographing or microphotographing records – Authorized; force and effect
§ 16-1-4 Photographing or microphotographing records – Destruction of records photographed, etc.; retention of photographs
§ 16-1-5 Photographing or microphotographing records – Intent
§ 16-1-6 Association of school board members
§ 16-1-7 Eye protective devices for pupils and teachers participating in certain courses
§ 16-1-8.1 Classroom instructional support
§ 16-1-10 Selling, etc., alcoholic beverages to school children; keeping on school premises
§ 16-1-11 Private schools to register and report;
§ 16-1-11.1 Autonomy of nonpublic schools – Legislative findings
§ 16-1-11.2 Autonomy of nonpublic schools – Education selection by parents; exemption from licensure or regulation
§ 16-1-11.3 Autonomy of nonpublic schools – Applicability of statutory requirements
§ 16-1-11.4 Admission of nonpublic school students by public institutions of higher education
§ 16-1-11.5 Teacher certification
§ 16-1-11.6 Membership of nonpublic schools in Alabama High School Athletic Association
§ 16-1-13 Teaching pupils of disparate ability, background and achievement
§ 16-1-14 Removal, isolation, or separation of pupils creating disciplinary problems; state approval necessary for rules implementing such measures; deprivation of right to equal and adequate education may not result
§ 16-1-15 Classification and grouping of pupils upon consideration of social attitudes, etc
§ 16-1-16 Special courses, tutoring, counseling, etc., for special groups of pupils
§ 16-1-16.1 Alabama Council on Family and Children
§ 16-1-17 Contest of certain elections
§ 16-1-18.1 Accumulation of sick leave
§ 16-1-18.2 Payment for unused sick leave upon death of employee
§ 16-1-19 Students at colleges, universities, etc., deemed residents of state if parent or guardian registered to vote in state and employed by congressman or in executive branch of federal government on appointment by President
§ 16-1-20 Period of silence for meditation at beginning of first class in public schools
§ 16-1-20.1 Period of silence for meditation
§ 16-1-20.2 School prayer
§ 16-1-20.3 Student-initiated voluntary prayer
§ 16-1-20.4 Period of quiet reflection
§ 16-1-20.5 Protection of student religious liberties
§ 16-1-21 Payments by boards of education for fund-saving suggestions; section permissive only
§ 16-1-22 Audit of certain institutions
§ 16-1-23 Hazing prohibited; penalty
§ 16-1-24 Reporting of property damage and physical assaults on students and school personnel; legislative intent; penalties
§ 16-1-24.1 Safe school and drug-free school policy; treatment of policy violators; promulgation and distribution of discipline policy; liability limited for discipline actions; local boards may adopt more stringent guidelines
§ 16-1-24.2 Department of Education to develop statewide violence prevention program
§ 16-1-24.3 Local boards of education to implement policies requiring expulsion of students who possess firearms in school areas
§ 16-1-25 Access to school facilities by military recruiting representatives
§ 16-1-26 Compensation of school board members
§ 16-1-27 Use of electronic communication devices on school property
§ 16-1-28 No public funds or public facilities to be used to promote lifestyle or activities prohibited by sodomy and sexual misconduct laws
§ 16-1-30 Written educational policies, rules and regulations of local boards of education
§ 16-1-31 Elective course credit for participation in YMCA Youth and Government programs
§ 16-1-32 Debit cards; authorized uses; transaction fees
§ 16-1-33 Written reduction-in-force policy
§ 16-1-34 Donation by two-year college president of surplus property to local public school system
§ 16-1-35 Governor’s Academic Achievement Program
§ 16-1-36 Tutoring programs for students accessed below average SAT scores
§ 16-1-37 Issuance of high school diplomas to certain honorably discharged veterans
§ 16-1-38 Financial and education law training for newly elected superintendents of education
§ 16-1-38.1 Professional development program for county and city superintendents of education
§ 16-1-39 Self-administration of medications by student
§ 16-1-40 Education Trust Fund proration relief
§ 16-1-41 Orientation and training for members of local board of education
§ 16-1-41.1 School board governance improvement
§ 16-1-42 High school fast track to college program
§ 16-1-43 Waiver of undergraduate tuition and fees for Purple Heart recipients
§ 16-1-44 School safety plans
§ 16-1-44.1 School security personnel and school resource officers
§ 16-1-45 Automated external defibrillator requirements
§ 16-1-46 Farm-to-School procurement processes and procedures
§ 16-1-47 Information on meningococcal meningitis disease and its vaccine to be provided to parents and guardians of students
§ 16-1-48 Anaphylaxis preparedness program