§ 16-13A-1 Fiscal management policies
§ 16-13A-2 Financial oversight by State Superintendent of Education; appointment and duties of Chief Education Financial Officer; internal audits of schools and school systems
§ 16-13A-3 Financial training of local superintendents of education
§ 16-13A-4 Appointment; removal of chief school financial officer; qualifications
§ 16-13A-5 Supervision, fiduciary responsibility of chief school financial officer; duties
§ 16-13A-6 Required reports
§ 16-13A-7 Audits
§ 16-13A-8 Authority to expend funds
§ 16-13A-9 Reserve funds
§ 16-13A-10 Penalties for failing to comply with chapter
§ 16-13A-11 Liability
§ 16-13A-12 Bonding
§ 16-13A-13 Publication of budget and financial information