§ 16-13B-1 Applicability; local preference zone; joint agreement; bid bond
§ 16-13B-2 Exceptions to competitive bidding requirements
§ 16-13B-3 Emergency action
§ 16-13B-4 Notice of proposed purchase; bids; reverse auction procedures
§ 16-13B-5 Collusive agreements
§ 16-13B-6 Advance disclosure of bid terms
§ 16-13B-7 Defaulting bidder; award to second lowest responsible bidder; preferences; sole source specification; life cycle costs; rejection of bids; lease-purchase contracts
§ 16-13B-8 Bond requirement
§ 16-13B-9 Assignment of contract
§ 16-13B-10 Conflict of interests; violations
§ 16-13B-11 Action to enjoin execution of contract