§ 16-16-1 Definitions
§ 16-16-2 Legislative findings of fact and declaration of intent; liberal construction of chapter
§ 16-16-3 Incorporation authorized
§ 16-16-4 Application for incorporation
§ 16-16-5 Issuance and recording of certificate of incorporation; no fees to be paid
§ 16-16-6 Members, officers and directors; quorum for transacting business; effect of death, resignation or expiration of term; salary; record of proceedings; copies of proceedings as evidence
§ 16-16-7 Powers generally
§ 16-16-8 Authority empowered to sell and issue bonds for construction, etc., of facilities for public educational purposes; procedure for letting contracts
§ 16-16-9 Execution, form, terms and conditions of bonds; sale; refunding bonds; bonds to be limited obligations; security for payment; bonds as negotiable instruments; exemption from taxation; bonds as security for deposits and for investment of fiduciary funds
§ 16-16-10 Disposition of proceeds of bonds
§ 16-16-11 Pledge of revenues for payment of bonds
§ 16-16-12 Payment of principal and interest on bonds
§ 16-16-13 Dissolution of authority
§ 16-16-14 Use of bond proceeds for loans to local boards of education
§ 16-16-14.1 Sale of bonds and other details of bonds
§ 16-16-14.2 Legislative intent
§ 16-16-15 Incentive fund and council
§ 16-16-16 Racial and ethnic diversity
§ 16-16-17 Swap agreements