§ 16-16B-1 Short title; electronic textbooks; wireless electronic devices; rule making authority; implementation plan; Alabama Ahead Oversight Committee
§ 16-16B-2 Definitions
§ 16-16B-2.1 Wireless infrastructure and mobile digital computing devices; application for funds; implementation plan
§ 16-16B-3 Authorization to issue additional bonds and purposes thereof
§ 16-16B-4 Execution and other details of the bonds
§ 16-16B-5 Sale of the bonds
§ 16-16B-6 Appropriation of revenues to the authority; pledge thereof for
§ 16-16B-7 Bonds to be payable solely out of the revenues appropriated; authorization for authority to pledge such revenues for the bonds
§ 16-16B-8 Refunding bonds
§ 16-16B-9 Use of bond proceeds
§ 16-16B-10 Disposition of funds
§ 16-16B-11 Tax exemption
§ 16-16B-12 Issuance expenses; contracts and appointments