§ 16-18B-1 Legislative findings
§ 16-18B-2 Definitions
§ 16-18B-3 Authorization and procedure for incorporations; application
§ 16-18B-4 Certificate of incorporation
§ 16-18B-5 Members; officers; quorum; vacancies; salaries; record of proceedings
§ 16-18B-6 Powers of authority
§ 16-18B-7 Bonds – Issuance and sale
§ 16-18B-8 Bonds – Payment of principal, premium, and interest; records
§ 16-18B-9 Bonds – Redemption
§ 16-18B-10 Bonds – Execution; facsimiles; validity
§ 16-18B-11 Alabama Forensic Sciences Bond Fund
§ 16-18B-12 Use of proceeds from bonds
§ 16-18B-13 Refunding bonds
§ 16-18B-14 Exemption from taxes; use of bonds as security; investment of funds
§ 16-18B-15 Contracts to be in writing
§ 16-18B-16 Appropriation and allocation of funds
§ 16-18B-17 Dissolution of corporation
§ 16-18B-18 Diversity of corporation
§ 16-18B-19 Exemption from federal income taxation

Terms Used In Alabama Code > Title 16 > Chapter 18B

  • BOND FINANCING AGREEMENT: An agreement or other document relating to the sale or issuance of bonds including, but not limited to, a bond purchase agreement, a loan agreement, a refinancing agreement, or documents providing for bonds sold or issued on a competitive sale basis. See Alabama Code 45-17A-84
  • bonds: Bonds, bond anticipation notes, warrants, warrant anticipation notes, or indebtedness issued or entered into on behalf of the county or by the county commission for a term of at least three years or more. See Alabama Code 45-17A-84
  • county: Each county subject to the provisions of this chapter. See Alabama Code 45-18-240
  • Executor: A male person named in a will to carry out the decedent
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation: A government corporation that insures the deposits of all national and state banks that are members of the Federal Reserve System. Source: OCC
  • FISCAL YEAR: The 12-month period commencing on October 1 of one year and ending on September 30 of the next ensuing year. See Alabama Code 45-18-240
  • Irrevocable trust: A trust arrangement that cannot be revoked, rescinded, or repealed by the grantor.
  • OUTSTANDING WARRANTS: With respect to each county and as of any particular time:

    a. See Alabama Code 45-18-240

  • REFUNDING WARRANTS: Warrants that may be issued under the provisions of Section 11-11-6. See Alabama Code 45-18-240
  • state: The State of Alabama. See Alabama Code 45-18-240
  • SWAP AGREEMENT: A swap agreement as defined in Article 3, commencing with Section 41-1-40, of Chapter 1 of Title 41. See Alabama Code 45-17A-84