§ 16-18B-1 Legislative findings
§ 16-18B-2 Definitions
§ 16-18B-3 Authorization and procedure for incorporations; application
§ 16-18B-4 Certificate of incorporation
§ 16-18B-5 Members; officers; quorum; vacancies; salaries; record of proceedings
§ 16-18B-6 Powers of authority
§ 16-18B-7 Bonds – Issuance and sale
§ 16-18B-8 Bonds – Payment of principal, premium, and interest; records
§ 16-18B-9 Bonds – Redemption
§ 16-18B-10 Bonds – Execution; facsimiles; validity
§ 16-18B-11 Alabama Forensic Sciences Bond Fund
§ 16-18B-12 Use of proceeds from bonds
§ 16-18B-13 Refunding bonds
§ 16-18B-14 Exemption from taxes; use of bonds as security; investment of funds
§ 16-18B-15 Contracts to be in writing
§ 16-18B-16 Appropriation and allocation of funds
§ 16-18B-17 Dissolution of corporation
§ 16-18B-18 Diversity of corporation
§ 16-18B-19 Exemption from federal income taxation