§ 16-6A-1 Short title
§ 16-6A-2 Definitions
§ 16-6A-3 Legislative intent
§ 16-6A-4 Governor’s program for improving education
§ 16-6A-5 Governor’s Educational Reform Commission – Composition; funding
§ 16-6A-6 Governor’s Educational Reform Commission – Chairperson; meetings; rules for conducting business; expenses; employment of staff
§ 16-6A-7 Governor’s Educational Reform Commission – To study education reform; serve in advisory capacity; make reports to Governor and Legislature; dissolution; not to duplicate education board
§ 16-6A-8 Governor’s Educational Reform Commission – Additional powers and duties
§ 16-6A-9 Development of plan for improving courses in critical needs areas
§ 16-6A-10 Employment of provisionally certified persons for critical needs areas
§ 16-6A-14 Scholarship loans for teacher education programs in critical needs areas – Rules and regulations
§ 16-6A-15 Tuition grant program for certified teachers; limitations on tuition reimbursement; letter of commitment; withholding records upon failure to satisfy agreement
§ 16-6A-16 Plan for in-service education centers; governing boards; requirements of centers; school systems to affiliate with centers