§ 25-11-1 Short title
§ 25-11-2 Legislative findings and intent
§ 25-11-3 Definitions
§ 25-11-4 Directory of New Hires
§ 25-11-5 Reporting of new hires, etc.; duties of department
§ 25-11-6 Quarterly extracts of reports to Secretary of Labor
§ 25-11-7 Entities with access to directory
§ 25-11-8 Compliance with Federal Unemployment Tax Act
§ 25-11-9 Compliance with Social Security Act
§ 25-11-10 Reimbursement for disclosure of information
§ 25-11-11 Information to be provided to child support enforcement agencies
§ 25-11-12 Access to records by child support agencies
§ 25-11-13 Income Eligibility Verification System
§ 25-11-14 Uncollected food stamp overissuances
§ 25-11-15 Department of Revenue to furnish information on employers; fee reimbursed
§ 25-11-16 Promulgation of rules and regulations
§ 25-11-17 Violation; penalty

Terms Used In Alabama Code > Title 25 > Chapter 11

  • CLAIM INFORMATION: Data related to whether an individual is receiving, has received, or has made application for unemployment compensation, the amount of such compensation being received or to be received by the individual, and the individual's current or most recent home address. See Alabama Code 25-11-3
  • commissioner: The Commissioner of the State of Alabama, Department of Human Resources. See Alabama Code 25-11-3
  • county: Houston County. See Alabama Code 45-35-20.03
  • CUSTODIAN OF RECORDS: The person within the Department of Labor authorized to maintain the data collected under this chapter, including, but not limited to, all employment hiring data entered into the State Directory of New Hires, wage information, and unemployment claim and compensation information. See Alabama Code 25-11-3
  • department: The State of Alabama, Department of Industrial Relations. See Alabama Code 25-11-3
  • employee: An individual in the employ of another who performs a service for hire and receives wages. See Alabama Code 25-11-3
  • employer: A person or entity, including a state or local government entity or labor organization, who employs an individual to perform a service for hire and pays wages directly to the individual. See Alabama Code 25-11-3
  • EMPLOYMENT SECURITY RECORDS: Information maintained by the Department of Labor's Employment Service Division and Unemployment Compensation Division relating to an individual's search for employment and unemployment benefits. See Alabama Code 25-11-3
  • ESTABLISHMENT DEALING IN OR PERMITTING THE CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Any business establishment operating within the county whichsells, dispenses, or otherwise allows or permits the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises. See Alabama Code 45-35-20.03
  • FOOD STAMP OVERISSUANCE: The receipt by an individual of food stamp benefits in excess of the amount the individual is entitled to receive, as authorized under the Federal Food Stamp Act of 1977. See Alabama Code 25-11-3
  • LABOR ORGANIZATION: As defined in Section 2(5) of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) as "any organization of any kind, or any agency or employer representation committee or plan in which employees participate and which exists for the purpose, in whole or in part of dealing with employers concerning grievances, labor disputes, wages, rate of pay, hours of employment or conditions of work. See Alabama Code 25-11-3
  • NATIONAL DIRECTORY OF NEW HIRES: A directory maintained at the federal level to receive certain data and information from the states as required pursuant to Section 453(i)(1) of the Social Security Act and other federal statutes. See Alabama Code 25-11-3
  • NEW HIRE: An individual who is employed by a particular employer for the first time. See Alabama Code 25-11-3
  • owner: When applied to a building or land, shall include any part owner, joint owner, tenant in common, tenant in partnership, joint tenant, or tenant by the entirety of the whole or of a part of the building or land. See Alabama Code 45-35-20.03
  • person: Includes all associations, clubs, societies, firms, partnerships, and bodies politic and corporate, as well as individuals or groups of individuals, and includes any trustee, receiver, assignee, or similar representative thereof. See Alabama Code 45-35-20.03
  • PERSONAL PROPERTY: Every species of property except real property. See Alabama Code 45-35-20.03
  • REAL PROPERTY: Includes lands, tenements, and hereditaments. See Alabama Code 45-35-20.03
  • recall: An individual who was temporarily separated from an employer but who is called back to work for that same employer. See Alabama Code 25-11-3
  • rehire: An individual who was separated from an employer on other than a temporary basis but who is returning to work for that same employer. See Alabama Code 25-11-3
  • secretary: The Secretary of the State of Alabama, Department of Labor. See Alabama Code 25-11-3
  • SECRETARY OF AGRICULTURE: The Secretary of the Federal Department of Agriculture. See Alabama Code 25-11-3
  • SECRETARY OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES: The Secretary of the Federal Department of Health and Human Services. See Alabama Code 25-11-3
  • SECRETARY OF LABOR: The Secretary of the Federal Department of Labor. See Alabama Code 25-11-3
  • SOCIAL SECURITY ACT: The Federal Social Security Act. See Alabama Code 25-11-3
  • state: The State of Alabama. See Alabama Code 25-11-3
  • STATE DIRECTORY OF NEW HIRES: A directory containing the name, address, Social Security number, and date of hire of each newly hired, recalled, or rehired individual, as reported by employers to the Department of Labor. See Alabama Code 25-11-3
  • Temporary restraining order: Prohibits a person from an action that is likely to cause irreparable harm. This differs from an injunction in that it may be granted immediately, without notice to the opposing party, and without a hearing. It is intended to last only until a hearing can be held.
  • UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION: Any compensation payable under Section 25-4-1 et seq. See Alabama Code 25-11-3
  • WAGE INFORMATION: Data related to the compensation an individual receives for employment, including wages paid to the individual, the individual's Social Security number, and the name, address, state and federal employer identification numbers of the individual's employer. See Alabama Code 25-11-3