§ 34-27B-1 Legislative findings
§ 34-27B-2 Definitions
§ 34-27B-3 License requirements; examination
§ 34-27B-4 State Board of Respiratory Therapy – Functions
§ 34-27B-5 State Board of Respiratory Therapy – Created; composition; liability of members; terms; meetings; expense reimbursement and per diem allowance
§ 34-27B-6 Trust fund
§ 34-27B-7 Issuance, use, renewal of license; temporary license
§ 34-27B-8 Disciplinary actions for unprofessional conduct; hearings; expiration of suspended license
§ 34-27B-9 Representation as “respiratory therapist,” etc
§ 34-27B-10 Violations
§ 34-27B-11 Additional activities permitted under chapter
§ 34-27B-12 Notice provided to respiratory therapists
§ 34-27B-13 Rules and regulations
§ 34-27B-14 Sunset provision