Article 1 General Provisions 35-8A-101 – 35-8A-110
Article 2 Creation, Alteration, and Termination of Condominiums 35-8A-201 – 35-8A-221
Article 3 Management of Condominiums 35-8A-301 – 35-8A-319
Article 4 Protection of Condominium Purchasers 35-8A-401 – 35-8A-417

Terms Used In Alabama Code > Title 35 > Chapter 8A

  • abortion: The use or prescription of any instrument, medicine, drug, or any other substance or device with the intent to terminate the pregnancy of a woman known to be pregnant with knowledge that the termination by those means will with reasonable likelihood cause the death of the unborn child. See Alabama Code 26-23E-3
  • ABORTION INDUCING DRUG: A medicine, drug, or any other substance prescribed or dispensed with the intent of terminating the clinically diagnosable pregnancy of a woman, with the knowledge that the termination will with reasonable likelihood cause the death of the unborn child. See Alabama Code 26-23E-3
  • ABORTION OR REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH CENTER: A facility defined and regulated as an abortion or reproductive health center by the rules of the Alabama State Board of Health. See Alabama Code 26-23E-3
  • administer: To give or apply a pharmacologic or other therapeutic agent to a patient. See Alabama Code 26-23E-3
  • associate: When used to indicate a relationship with:

    (A) a domestic or foreign entity or organization for which the person is:

    (i) an officer or governing person; or

    (ii) a beneficial owner of 10 percent or more of a class of voting ownership interests or similar securities of the entity or organization;

    (B) a trust or estate in which the person has a substantial beneficial interest or for which the person serves as trustee or in a similar fiduciary capacity;

    (C) the person's spouse or a relative of the person related by consanguinity or affinity within the fifth degree who resides with the person; or

    (D) a governing person or an affiliate or officer of the person. See Alabama Code 10A-1-1.03

  • Bankruptcy: Refers to statutes and judicial proceedings involving persons or businesses that cannot pay their debts and seek the assistance of the court in getting a fresh start. Under the protection of the bankruptcy court, debtors may discharge their debts, perhaps by paying a portion of each debt. Bankruptcy judges preside over these proceedings.
  • BODILY REMAINS: The physical remains, corpse, or body parts of a dead unborn infant who has been expelled or extracted from his or her mother. See Alabama Code 26-23F-3
  • BUSINESS TRUST: A business trust as defined in Chapter 16. See Alabama Code 10A-1-1.03
  • CERTIFICATE OF DISSOLUTION: Any document such as a certificate of dissolution, statement of dissolution, or articles of dissolution, required or permitted to be filed publicly with respect to an entity's dissolution and winding up of its business, activity, activities, not for profit activity, or affairs. See Alabama Code 10A-1-1.03
  • corporation: Includes a domestic or foreign business corporation as defined in Chapter 2 or Chapter 2A, as applicable, a domestic or foreign nonprofit corporation as defined in Chapter 3, a domestic or foreign professional corporation as defined in Chapter 4, and those entities specified in Chapter 20 as corporate. See Alabama Code 10A-1-1.03
  • Deed: The legal instrument used to transfer title in real property from one person to another.
  • dispense: To sell, distribute, administer, leave with, give away, dispose of, deliver, or supply a drug or medicine to the ultimate user or the user's agent. See Alabama Code 26-23E-3
  • entity: A domestic entity or foreign entity. See Alabama Code 10A-1-1.03
  • Escrow: Money given to a third party to be held for payment until certain conditions are met.
  • Fair market value: The price at which an asset would change hands in a transaction between a willing, informed buyer and a willing, informed seller.
  • Fee simple: Absolute title to property with no limitations or restrictions regarding the person who may inherit it.
  • FINAL DISPOSITION: The burial, interment, cremation, or other legal disposition of the bodily remains of a deceased unborn infant. See Alabama Code 26-23F-3
  • foreign: With respect to an entity, that the entity is formed and existing under the laws of a jurisdiction other than this state. See Alabama Code 10A-1-1.03
  • Garnishment: Generally, garnishment is a court proceeding in which a creditor asks a court to order a third party who owes money to the debtor or otherwise holds assets belonging to the debtor to turn over to the creditor any of the debtor
  • GOVERNING PERSON: A person serving as part of the governing authority of an entity. See Alabama Code 10A-1-1.03
  • Grantor: The person who establishes a trust and places property into it.
  • Guardian: A person legally empowered and charged with the duty of taking care of and managing the property of another person who because of age, intellect, or health, is incapable of managing his (her) own affairs.
  • Joint resolution: A legislative measure which requires the approval of both chambers.
  • LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY: A limited liability company as defined in Chapter 5A. See Alabama Code 10A-1-1.03
  • LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIP: A limited liability partnership as defined in Chapter 8A. See Alabama Code 10A-1-1.03
  • LIMITED PARTNERSHIP: A limited partnership as defined in Chapter 9A. See Alabama Code 10A-1-1.03
  • merger: The combination of one or more domestic entities with one or more domestic entities or non-code organizations resulting in:

    (A) one or more surviving domestic entities or non-code organizations;

    (B) the creation of one or more new domestic entities or non-code organizations, or one or more surviving domestic entities or non-code organizations; or

    (C) one or more surviving domestic entities or non-code organizations and the creation of one or more new domestic entities or non-code organizations. See Alabama Code 10A-1-1.03

  • organization: A corporation, limited partnership, general partnership, limited liability company, business trust, real estate investment trust, joint venture, joint stock company, cooperative, association, bank, insurance company, credit union, savings and loan association, or other organization, regardless of whether the organization is for profit, not for profit, nonprofit, domestic, or foreign. See Alabama Code 10A-1-1.03
  • partnership: Includes a general partnership, a limited liability partnership, a foreign limited liability partnership, a limited partnership, a foreign limited partnership, a limited liability limited partnership, and a foreign limited liability limited partnership. See Alabama Code 10A-1-1.03
  • person: An individual, including the estate of an incompetent or deceased individual, or an organization, whether created by the laws of this state or another state or foreign country, including, without limitation, a general partnership, limited liability partnership, limited partnership, limited liability limited partnership, limited liability company, corporation, professional corporation, nonprofit corporation, professional association, trustee, personal representative, fiduciary, as defined in Section 19-3-150 or person performing in any similar capacity, business trust, estate, trust, association, joint venture, government, governmental subdivision, agency, or instrumentality, or any other legal or commercial entity. See Alabama Code 10A-1-1.03
  • physician: A person currently licensed by the Medical Licensure Commission, State of Alabama, to practice medicine or osteopathy pursuant to Section 34-24-50, et seq. See Alabama Code 26-23E-3
  • Power of attorney: A written instrument which authorizes one person to act as another's agent or attorney. The power of attorney may be for a definite, specific act, or it may be general in nature. The terms of the written power of attorney may specify when it will expire. If not, the power of attorney usually expires when the person granting it dies. Source: OCC
  • prescription: A physician's order for the preparation and administration of a drug or device for a patient. See Alabama Code 26-23E-3
  • REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST: An unincorporated trust, association, or other entity as defined in Chapter 10. See Alabama Code 10A-1-1.03
  • state: Includes, when referring to a part of the United States, a state or commonwealth, and its agencies and governmental subdivisions, and a territory or possession, and its agencies and governmental subdivisions, of the United States. See Alabama Code 10A-1-1.03
  • Temporary restraining order: Prohibits a person from an action that is likely to cause irreparable harm. This differs from an injunction in that it may be granted immediately, without notice to the opposing party, and without a hearing. It is intended to last only until a hearing can be held.
  • Tenancy in common: A type of property ownership in which two or more individuals have an undivided interest in property. At the death of one tenant in common, his (her) fractional percentage of ownership in the property passes to the decedent
  • UNBORN INFANT: A human being in utero at any stage of development regardless of viability. See Alabama Code 26-23F-3