§ 47-68a Short title: Condominium Act of 1976. Definitions
§ 47-69 Applicability of chapter
§ 47-70 Declaration. Covenants, easements and liens on conveyances limited
§ 47-70a Amendment of declaration or bylaws
§ 47-71 Recording of declaration and other instruments
§ 47-71a Expansion of condominiums
§ 47-71b Public offering statement
§ 47-72 Deeds of units. Leases
§ 47-73 Unit as real property
§ 47-73a Boundaries, encroachments and easements
§ 47-74 Rights of unit owners
§ 47-74a Board of directors of unit owners association. Election by unit owners other than declarant; when. Declarant to relinquish control; when
§ 47-74b Limitation on grants, reservations and contracts made by declarant or declarant-controlled association
§ 47-74c Declarant not to retain ownership interest in recreational facilities
§ 47-74d Architect’s or engineer’s certificate required. Declarant’s certificate. Escrow account
§ 47-74e Implied warranties
§ 47-74f Nonbinding reservation agreements. Cancellation
§ 47-75 Obligations of unit owners. Limit on liability of unit owner
§ 47-75a Resale of unit by person other than declarant
§ 47-76 Allocation of profits and expenses
§ 47-77 Assessment of common expenses. Liens and foreclosure
§ 47-78 Owner may not exempt himself from liability
§ 47-79 Collection of taxes and assessments
§ 47-80 Bylaws
§ 47-80a Powers of unit owners’ association. Opportunity for unit owners to express views re proposed budget
§ 47-81 Accounting records. Availability of records. Loan disclosure and comments. Audit
§ 47-82 Liens against units
§ 47-83 Insurance
§ 47-84 Repairs
§ 47-85 Actions between unit owners
§ 47-86 Owners, tenants and employees bound by chapter
§ 47-87 Liability for mortgages, liens and assessments on conveyance of unit
§ 47-88 Removal of property from application of chapter. Resubmission of property
§ 47-88a Consolidation of condominiums
§ 47-88b Conversion condominiums: Requirements for conversion
§ 47-88c Separate heating plants required, when
§ 47-88d Reimbursement for moving and relocation expenses
§ 47-88e Reserves for capital expenditures
§ 47-88f Applicability of tenants’ rights and protections
§ 47-88g Right of action for aggrieved tenant of conversion condominium. Remedies
§ 47-90a Misrepresentations in public offering statements; remedies
§ 47-90b Public offering statement not required, when
§ 47-90c Effective date and applicability of chapter
§ 47-90g Member of board of directors or officer not subject to criminal liability re special assessment for code compliance repairs