R. 61B-23.001 Board of Administration and Committees; Fiduciary Duty
R. 61B-23.002 Operation of the Association
R. 61B-23.0021 Regular Elections; Vacancies Caused by Expiration of Term, Resignations, Death; Election Monitors
R. 61B-23.00211 Electronic Voting
R. 61B-23.00215 Ombudsman; Election Monitoring; Monitor’s Role; Scope and Extent
R. 61B-23.0022 Contracts for Bid: Employees
R. 61B-23.0026 Right to Recall and Replace a Board Member; Developers; Other Unit Owners; Class Voting
R. 61B-23.0027 Recall of One or More Members of a Board of Administration at a Unit Owner Meeting; Board Certification; Filling Vacancies
R. 61B-23.0028 Recall by Written Agreement of the Voting Interests; Board Certification; Filling Vacancies
R. 61B-23.0029 Electronic Transmission of Notices
R. 61B-23.003 Transition from Developer Control
R. 61B-23.0051 Cable Television Service