§ 41-17-1 Standards
§ 41-17-2 Purchase for or assignment to state officers or employees of passenger automobiles
§ 41-17-3 Maintenance and operation of transportation pool in City of Montgomery by Department of Finance generally; establishment of mileage fees and charges for use of pool cars
§ 41-17-4 Number, etc., of automobiles to be kept in pool
§ 41-17-5 Establishment of Transportation Revolving Fund; disposition of fees collected for use of pool cars; transportation pool to be self-supporting
§ 41-17-6 Establishment, operation, etc., of area transportation pools
§ 41-17-7 Promulgation of rules and regulations for provision of parking and storage for pool, etc., by Director of Finance
§ 41-17-8 Maintenance and repair of state-owned automobiles
§ 41-17-9 Unauthorized use, etc., of state-owned automobile; alteration, etc., of license plate affixed to state vehicle

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