§ 8-23-1 Legislative findings and declaration
§ 8-23-2 Definitions
§ 8-23-3 Registration of health studio sales persons; resident agent; security bond
§ 8-23-4 Health studio services contracts – Composition
§ 8-23-5 Health studio services contracts – Written contract required; rights of buyer
§ 8-23-6 Applicability of chapter
§ 8-23-7 Assignment of contract; notice
§ 8-23-8 Restriction of right of action of buyer prohibited
§ 8-23-9 Effect of noncompliance with chapter
§ 8-23-10 Supervision and enforcement of chapter
§ 8-23-11 Penalty
§ 8-23-12 Chapter not exclusive
§ 8-23-13 Noncompliance with chapter constitutes unfair trade practice

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