§ 9-18-1 Enactment of Southern Interstate Nuclear Compact
§ 9-18-2 Member of Southern Interstate Nuclear Board
§ 9-18-3 Contracts of Board of Control of Employees’ Retirement System with board
§ 9-18-4 Submission of budget by board
§ 9-18-5 When supplementary agreements requiring expenditure of funds, etc., become effective
§ 9-18-6 Cooperation of departments, agencies, state officers, etc., with board

Terms Used In Alabama Code > Title 9 > Chapter 18

  • commission: The Alabama Historical Commission, acting as the custodian of cultural resources for the State of Alabama. See Alabama Code 41-9-291
  • contractor: Any individual, company, corporation, or private or public institution determined by the commission to be appropriately qualified that has applied for and received a permit or contract from the commission to begin exploration or excavation activities in state-owned waters. See Alabama Code 41-9-291
  • CULTURAL RESOURCES: All abandoned shipwrecks or remains of those ships and all underwater archaeological treasures, artifacts, treasure troves, or other cultural articles and materials, whether or not associated with any shipwreck, that are contained in or on submerged lands belonging to the State of Alabama and the sea within the jurisdiction of the state, and that have remained unclaimed for more than 50 years, excluding therefrom sunken logs, cants, and timber resources of any other type not associated as part of a shipping vessel, and are eligible for, or listed in, the National Register of Historic Places. See Alabama Code 41-9-291
  • Deed: The legal instrument used to transfer title in real property from one person to another.
  • excavation: The study and intentional removal from submerged land belonging to the state, by accepted scientific methods, of any objects recognized as cultural resources. See Alabama Code 41-9-291
  • exploration: The systematic examination by actual survey of an area of submerged land belonging to the state for the purpose of locating and recognizing cultural resources. See Alabama Code 41-9-291
  • SUBMERGED LANDS: Lands under navigable waterways owned or controlled by the State of Alabama. See Alabama Code 41-9-291
  • TREASURE TROVE: Any gold bullion, gold ingots, gold dust, silver bars, and other precious metals or stones. See Alabama Code 41-9-291