• (a) The commissioner of environment and conservation is directed to purchase and make available twelve (12) portable radiation monitoring devices to be utilized at the inspection stations in Knox, Coffee, Haywood and Robertson counties.

  • Terms Used In Tennessee Code 68-202-104

    • Radiation: means gamma rays and X-rays, alpha and beta particles, high-speed electrons, neutrons, protons, and other nuclear particles, but not sound or radio waves or visible, infrared, or ultraviolet light. See Tennessee Code 68-202-101

    (b) The department of safety is directed to make available sufficient manpower to utilize such equipment in a manner necessary to provide a practical monitoring program of radioactive truck traffic in this state.

  • (c) The Tennessee emergency management agency is directed to provide a training program in the scope and frequency necessary to assure that the commission personnel are properly trained to effectively utilize the equipment in the monitoring program.