04.21.010 Municipal regulation and taxation
04.21.015 Private manufacture of alcoholic beverages
04.21.020 Civil liability of persons providing alcoholic beverages
04.21.025 Alcohol server education course
04.21.030 Responsibility of licensees, agents, and employees
04.21.035 Responsibility of partners of a limited liability partnership or foreign limited liability partnership
04.21.040 Sales on federal reservations
04.21.050 Proof of age and of not being restricted from purchasing alcoholic beverages
04.21.055 Refusal of service
04.21.060 Warehousing of alcoholic beverages
04.21.065 Posting of warning signs
04.21.070 Enforcement
04.21.078 Court records of persons under 21 years of age
04.21.080 Definitions