10.06.530 Merger
10.06.532 Procedure for merger
10.06.534 Consolidation
10.06.536 Procedure for consolidation
10.06.538 Share exchange
10.06.540 Procedure for share exchange
10.06.542 Disparate treatment of shares of the same class or series prohibited; exceptions
10.06.544 Notice to and approval by shareholders
10.06.546 Manner of approval by shareholders
10.06.548 Abandonment of plan of merger, consolidation, or exchange
10.06.550 Execution and contents of articles of merger, consolidation, or exchange
10.06.552 Filing of articles of merger, consolidation, or exchange
10.06.554 Merger of subsidiary corporation
10.06.556 Procedure for merger of subsidiary corporation
10.06.558 Filing of articles of merger of subsidiary corporation
10.06.560 Effective date and effect of merger, consolidation, or exchange
10.06.562 Merger, consolidation, or exchange of shares between domestic and foreign corporation
10.06.564 Disclosure of alien affiliates
10.06.566 Disposition of assets in regular course of business; mortgage or pledge of assets
10.06.568 Disposition of assets not in regular course of business
10.06.570 Approval of transaction by shareholders
10.06.572 Abandonment of transaction by board
10.06.574 Right of shareholders to dissent
10.06.576 Procedures relating to the exercise of a shareholder’s right to dissent; completion of corporate action; notice of election; treatment of shares
10.06.578 Offer and payment to dissenting shareholders; circumstances where prohibited
10.06.580 Action to determine value of shares
10.06.582 Status of shares acquired from dissenting shareholders
10.06.595 Application of provisions
10.06.600 Definitions