21.86.010 Establishment of health maintenance organizations
21.86.020 Issuance of certificate of authority; approval of changes
21.86.030 Powers of a health maintenance organization
21.86.040 Governing body; enrollee participation
21.86.045 Biographical affidavits
21.86.050 Fiduciary responsibility
21.86.060 Provision of services
21.86.070 Evidence of coverage; charges for health care services
21.86.075 Chiropractic health care services
21.86.078 Choice of health care provider
21.86.080 Annual statement; additional reports
21.86.090 Information to enrollees
21.86.100 Complaint system; report
21.86.110 Recovery of health care costs
21.86.120 Return of agreement
21.86.130 Investments
21.86.140 Protection against insolvency
21.86.150 Prohibited practices
21.86.160 Regulation of agents
21.86.170 Powers of insurers and of hospital or medical service corporations
21.86.180 Examinations
21.86.190 Suspension or revocation of certificate of authority
21.86.200 Administrative procedures
21.86.210 Rehabilitation, liquidation, or conservation
21.86.220 Regulations
21.86.230 Fees
21.86.240 Taxation
21.86.250 Penalties and enforcement
21.86.260 Statutory construction and relationship to other law
21.86.270 Filings and reports as public documents
21.86.290 Contract authority for commissioner of health and social services
21.86.300 Acquisition of control or merger of a health maintenance organization
21.86.310 Dual choice
21.86.900 Definitions