39.35.700 Applicability of AS 39.35.700 – 39.35.990
39.35.710 Defined contribution retirement plan established; federal qualification requirements
39.35.720 Membership
39.35.725 Participation of elected officials of political subdivisions
39.35.740 Employment contributions mandatory
39.35.750 Contributions by employers
39.35.760 Rollover contributions and distributions
39.35.770 Transmittal of contributions; claims against funds of an employer
39.35.780 Limitations on contributions and benefits
39.35.790 Vesting
39.35.800 Investment of individual accounts
39.35.810 Distribution election at termination
39.35.820 Forms of distribution
39.35.830 Manner of electing distributions
39.35.840 Distribution requirements
39.35.850 Designation of beneficiary
39.35.860 Rights under qualified domestic relations order
39.35.870 Eligibility for retirement and medical benefits
39.35.880 Medical benefits
39.35.890 Occupational disability benefits and reemployment of disabled employees
39.35.891 Disability benefit and disabled peace officer or firefighter retirement benefit adjustment
39.35.892 Occupational death benefit
39.35.893 Survivor’s pension adjustment
39.35.894 Premiums for retiree major medical insurance coverage upon termination of disability benefits or survivor’s pension
39.35.895 Amendment and termination of plan
39.35.900 Exclusive benefit
39.35.910 Nonguarantee of returns, rates, or benefit amounts
39.35.920 Nonguarantee of employment
39.35.930 Fraud
39.35.932 Pension forfeiture
39.35.940 Transfer into defined contribution plan by nonvested members of defined benefit plan
39.35.950 Request by political subdivision to participate and adoption of resolution
39.35.955 Request by public organization to participate and adoption of resolution
39.35.956 Contractors and employees of contractors excluded from plan
39.35.957 Designation of eligible employees, agreement to contribute, and amendment of participation
39.35.958 Termination of participation in the plan
39.35.960 Membership in teachers’ and public employees’ retirement systems
39.35.965 Army and air national guard employees
39.35.970 North Pacific Fishery Management Council employees
39.35.972 Special rules for treatment of qualified military service
39.35.990 Definitions