A. County officers of new counties, except clerk of the superior court, shall be nominated and elected at the next regular primary election and general election at which the president of the United States is elected following the election on formation. County officers shall not be elected for the affected county or counties at those elections. The initial clerk of the superior court of each new county shall be appointed under section 11-142, subsection E.

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 11-140

  • Affected county: means each existing county affected by a proposed formation of new counties. See Arizona Laws 11-131
  • New county: means a county which has been approved by the voters at an election on formation held pursuant to section 11-137. See Arizona Laws 11-131
  • United States: includes the District of Columbia and the territories. See Arizona Laws 1-215

B. The secretary of state shall order, conduct and canvass the elections pursuant to title 16 so far as practicable and may:

1. If there is only one affected county, delegate the election responsibilities under this section as he deems appropriate to its board of supervisors.

2. Order the revision of precinct boundaries as may be necessary from those used in the election on formation.

3. Assign a nondescriptive designation to a new county for purposes of conducting the elections pending the selection of a county name pursuant to section 11-141.

C. Except for the purposes prescribed in section 11-142, all county officers elected at the election hold office from January 1 following the election until the times provided by general law for the next election and qualification of such officers and until their successors are elected and qualified.