A. The new county in which the county seat of an affected county is located shall retain the name of the affected county. The county seat of an affected county shall continue as the county seat of the new county in which it is located. If no county seat is located in a new county, or if two or more county seats are located in the same new county, the name and county seat of that county shall be determined pursuant to this section at the general election for the election of county officers.

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 11-141

  • Affected county: means each existing county affected by a proposed formation of new counties. See Arizona Laws 11-131
  • New county: means a county which has been approved by the voters at an election on formation held pursuant to section 11-137. See Arizona Laws 11-131

B. If five per cent of the qualified electors of a new county petition the secretary of state at least sixty days before the general election suggesting a name for or county seat of the county, the secretary of state shall order the name or county seat nomination placed on the general election ballot. If no name or county seat or only one name or county seat is so nominated, the governor shall nominate a name or names or municipality or municipalities as county seat so there will be two choices for each question on the ballot.

C. A plurality of the votes cast on the questions so submitted shall determine the county name and county seat.