A. It is unlawful for any person to make, distribute or possess any punch, die, plate, stone or other thing designed to print, imprint or reproduce the trademark, trade name or other identifying mark, imprint or device relating to the authorized identification of any controlled substance, prescription-only drug or over-the-counter drug or any likeness of any of the foregoing upon any drug or container to intentionally:

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 13-3459

  • Controlled substance: means a drug, substance or immediate precursor in schedules I through V of title 36, chapter 27, or a dangerous drug or a narcotic drug listed in section 13-3401. See Arizona Laws 13-3451
  • Distribute: means the actual, constructive or attempted transfer, delivery or sale of, or dispensing to another of, an imitation controlled substance, imitation prescription-only drug or imitation over-the-counter drug. See Arizona Laws 13-3451
  • Misdemeanor: means an offense for which a sentence to a term of imprisonment other than to the custody of the state department of corrections is authorized by any law of this state. See Arizona Laws 13-105
  • Person: means a human being and, as the context requires, an enterprise, a public or private corporation, an unincorporated association, a partnership, a firm, a society, a government, a governmental authority or an individual or entity capable of holding a legal or beneficial interest in property. See Arizona Laws 13-105
  • Possess: means knowingly to have physical possession or otherwise to exercise dominion or control over property. See Arizona Laws 13-105
  • Unlawful: means contrary to law or, where the context so requires, not permitted by law. See Arizona Laws 13-105

1. Counterfeit a controlled substance, prescription-only drug or over-the-counter drug.

2. Duplicate substantially the physical appearance, form, package or label of a controlled substance, prescription-only drug or over-the-counter drug.

B. A person who violates any provision of subsection A is guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor.