A. An approved smoke detector shall be installed during construction in each new residential housing unit in this state. An approved smoke detector shall be installed in each existing residential housing unit in this state which does not comply with the requirements of this section if a sleeping area is remodeled and if this remodeling requires a permit from the local political subdivision.

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 36-1637

  • Approved smoke detector: means an electronic device powered by batteries or alternating current that is capable of sensing visible or invisible products of combustion, that sounds an alarm audible in all sleeping areas of a residential housing unit and that meets the standards prescribed by the office of the state fire marshal pursuant to section 37-1383. See Arizona Laws 36-1636
  • Residential housing unit: means a one or two family dwelling unit, including a detached, semi-detached or duplex unit, or a multi-family dwelling unit including an apartment or condominium. See Arizona Laws 36-1636
  • Sleeping area: means any area of a residential housing unit in which bedrooms or sleeping rooms are located. See Arizona Laws 36-1636

B. A smoke detector installed in a new residential housing unit or in a remodeled area pursuant to this section shall be maintained and kept operable by the tenant unless the tenant gives written notification to the landlord of its malfunction. The landlord shall be responsible for the repair of a smoke detector if such notice is given by the tenant.

C. The landlord shall give written notification to the tenant of the tenant’s responsibilities pursuant to this section.