A procurement organization that is licensed pursuant to section 36-851.01 by virtue of its accreditation status:

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 36-851.02

  • Procurement organization: means any of the following:

    (a) An organ procurement organization. See Arizona Laws 36-841

  • Tissue: means all or a portion of the human body other than blood, an organ or an eye unless the blood, organ or eye is donated for the purpose of research or education. See Arizona Laws 36-841

1. Is deemed to meet health and safety requirements that are equivalent to those set forth in section 36-851.03 and is not required to meet the requirements prescribed in section 36-851.03 except as specified in paragraph 2 of this section if the procurement organization maintains its accredited status with the accrediting agency.

2. Shall comply with all of the following as adopted in rule by the department of health services:

(a) The proper use and maintenance of donor consent forms.

(b) The implementation and maintenance of proper identification systems for bodies and disarticulated items.

(c) The implementation and maintenance of protocols and materials for procedures used by the procurement organization to properly screen end users.

(d) The proper documentation and disclosure of the disease status of tissue specimens to end users.

(e) Labeling, packaging, transport and distribution policies and procedures.

(f) Final disposition procedures.

3. Shall provide a designated area for tissue recovery that does not operate in a funeral establishment for the recovery of whole bodies for medical research and education.

4. Is subject to inspection by the department of health services at any time with respect to compliance with the requirements of paragraph 2 of this section.