A. Every person who holds a bar, beer and wine bar, liquor store, beer and wine store, club, hotel-motel or restaurant license and who is authorized by other similarly licensed retailers to act as their retail agent shall register with the director. Such registration shall be in accordance with the rules adopted by the director pursuant to section 4-112 and shall also include a listing of the names and business addresses of those similarly licensed retailers who have authorized him to act as their retail agent.  While possessing a certificate of registration, a retail agent shall be entitled to purchase and shall accept delivery of spirituous liquors for which he is licensed for and on behalf of himself and those similarly licensed retailers who have authorized him to act as their retail agent with the delivery to be made at the retail agent’s licensed premises or other location authorized by the department. On the termination of such authorization by any retailer, the retail agent shall promptly notify the director. Nothing in this section shall require a wholesaler to sell malt beverages to a registered retail agent for distribution to other retailers.

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 4-222

  • Club: includes any of the following organizations where the sale of spirituous liquor for consumption on the premises is made only to members, spouses of members, families of members, bona fide guests of members and guests at other events authorized in this title:

    (a) A post, chapter, camp or other local unit composed solely of veterans and its duly recognized auxiliary that has been chartered by the Congress of the United States for patriotic, fraternal or benevolent purposes and that has, as the owner, lessee or occupant, operated an establishment for that purpose in this state. See Arizona Laws 4-101

  • Department: means the department of liquor licenses and control. See Arizona Laws 4-101
  • Director: means the director of the department of liquor licenses and control. See Arizona Laws 4-101
  • License: means a license or an interim retail permit issued pursuant to this title. See Arizona Laws 4-101
  • licensed premises: means the area from which the licensee is authorized to sell, dispense or serve spirituous liquors under the provision of the license. See Arizona Laws 4-101
  • Person: includes a partnership, limited liability company, association, company or corporation, as well as a natural person. See Arizona Laws 4-101
  • Registered retail agent: means any person who is authorized pursuant to section 4-222 to purchase spirituous liquors for and on behalf of the person and other retail licensees. See Arizona Laws 4-101
  • Sell: includes soliciting or receiving an order for, keeping or exposing for sale, directly or indirectly delivering for value, peddling, keeping with intent to sell and trafficking in. See Arizona Laws 4-101
  • Wine: means the product obtained by the fermentation of grapes, other agricultural products containing natural or added sugar or cider or any such alcoholic beverage fortified with grape brandy and containing not more than twenty-four percent of alcohol by volume. See Arizona Laws 4-101

B. A fee of five dollars shall be collected for each registered retailer in this state, and a fee of fifty dollars for each registered agent for a distillery, winery, brewery, importer or broker having its place of manufacture or business outside of the state.

C. The director shall issue a certificate of registration to each person so registered as provided in this section, and may, for good cause shown, cancel any certificate of registration so issued.