A. When the governor proclaims an emergency wherein he deems it necessary to protect life or property, he may order the Arizona highway patrol to provide whatever specific emergency services are necessary. The order directing the superintendent and the Arizona highway patrol shall state the specific purpose or purposes for which it is being utilized and the specific objectives to be accomplished.

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 41-1743.01

B. If a county or municipality requires aid to protect life or property, there shall be submitted to the governor a request for such aid setting forth the particular object be accomplished and the area affected.

C. The authority granted in this section is supplemental to and is to be coordinated with the authority granted to the governor under section 26-172.

D. Upon approval by the governor, the highway patrol shall provide police security on or in the immediate vicinity of any state property at the request of the agency in need of such security. An agency in need of such security shall reimburse the highway patrol fund for the services of the personnel involved from such funds as may be available to such agency, and within the budget limitation of the Arizona highway patrol.