A. There is established in the department, a division of training and education for law enforcement personnel.

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 41-1781

B. The superintendent of the training and education division shall have experience in law enforcement and in the instruction of law enforcement officers. In addition, the superintendent shall have a college degree issued to him by an accredited college or university.

C. The training and education division shall:

1. Permit required training to be obtained at existing state, county and municipal law enforcement officer training institutions meeting the minimum standards adopted by the advisory council.

2. Establish training programs:

(a) For the training of the personnel of the department in their respective duties and functions, and

(b) For such peace and police officers who may be selected to attend such training programs by the authorities of the law enforcement agencies by which they are employed.

D. The training and education division shall:

1. Certify law enforcement training and education programs as having attained the minimum required standards established by the council.

2. Certify instructors as having qualified as law enforcement officer instructors under conditions established by the council.

E. The superintendent of the patrol, or the director when the department is established, in cooperation with the superintendent of public instruction and other interested agencies shall develop a program for the education of students in matters of public safety and crime prevention.