A. A health spa may charge and accept a down payment not to exceed five per cent of the total contract price prior to opening of the health spa facility unless the seller maintains the same or similar facilities and services within ten miles of the customer’s residence which the customer may use at no additional charge. A health spa shall not charge or accept a down payment which exceeds twenty per cent of the total contract price. However, if such health spa has been in operation in Arizona for a period of two years or more and if the customer makes a written request to the health spa, the customer may make a payment of up to one hundred per cent at the time of signing the contract. The customer shall receive a copy of the written request.

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 44-1795

  • Contract: A legal written agreement that becomes binding when signed.
  • Health spa: means an establishment which provides as its primary purpose services or facilities which are purported to assist patrons in physical exercise, weight control or figure development. See Arizona Laws 44-1791

B. The balance of the total contract price shall be payable in equal periodic payments extending over the full term of the contract.