In this article, unless the context otherwise requires:

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 5-221

1. "Boxing" means the act of attack and defense with the fists, using padded gloves, that is practiced as a sport. Where applicable, boxing includes kickboxing.

2. "Commission" means the Arizona state boxing and mixed martial arts commission.

3. "Contest" means any boxing or mixed martial arts bout, event, contest, match or exhibition between two persons.

4. "Department" means the department of gaming.

5. "Director" means the director of the department of gaming.

6. "Executive director" means the executive director of the commission.

7. "Kickboxing" means a form of boxing, including muay thai pursuant to rules and regulations of the United States muay thai association or another muay thai sanctioning body that is approved by the commission, in which blows are delivered with any part of the arm below the shoulder, including the hand, and any part of the leg below the hip, including the foot.

8. "Mixed martial arts" means any form of competition or contest, other than boxing or kickboxing, in which blows are delivered and in which the competitors use any combination of tactics including boxing, wrestling, striking, kicking, martial arts and submission techniques.

9. "Professional" means any person who competes for any money prize or a prize that exceeds the value of thirty-five dollars or teaches or pursues or assists in the practice of boxing or mixed martial arts as a means of obtaining a livelihood or pecuniary gain.

10. "Tough man contest" means any boxing match consisting of one minute rounds, between two or more persons who use their hands, wearing padded gloves that weigh at least twelve ounces, or their feet, or both, in any manner. Tough man contest does not include kickboxing or any recognized martial arts competition.