440-1 Definitions
440-2 Commission established
440-5 Deputy commissioners
440-6 Rules
440-7 Other employees
440-8 Authority to subpoena witnesses, to administer oaths and penalties
440-8.5 Powers and duties of the commission
440-9 Jurisdiction of commission
440-10 Licenses, promoters
440-11 Requirements to hold a boxing contest
440-12 Licenses, participants
440-13 License fees
440-14 Licenses, limitations, renewals
440-15 Receipts and reports thereon
440-16 Failure to report receipts
440-17 Admission tickets
440-18 Inspectors; duties
440-19 Referees; duties
440-20 Judges; duties
440-21 Physician; duties
440-22 Sham boxing contest; forfeiture of license
440-23 Sham boxing contest; penalty against contestant
440-24 Number of rounds
440-27 Financial interest in contestant prohibited
440-28 Wages of contestant; prepayment prohibited
440-29 Limit of weight difference between contestants
440-30 Control and supervision of amateur boxing contest
440-31 Persons barred as amateur contestants
440-32 Amateur contestants entitled to medals and trophies only
440-33 Disposition of receipts
440-34 Violations; penalty
440-34.5 Summary disciplinary action
440-35 Not to apply to Army, Air Force, Navy, National Guard, or Police Activities League
440-36 Revocation; suspension; fine
440-37 Cumulative penalties

Terms Used In Hawaii Revised Statutes > Chapter 440

  • Boxing: means a contest in which the act of attack and defense is practiced with gloved fists by two contestants. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 321-35
  • Club: means a promoter, corporation, joint venture, partnership, limited liability corporation, limited liability partnership, or any other type of business entity that promotes, conducts, holds, or gives a boxing contest. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 321-35
  • Commission: means the state boxing commission. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 321-35
  • Contest: means match or exhibition. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 321-35
  • Director: means the director of commerce and consumer affairs. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 321-35
  • Executive officer: means the executive officer assigned to the commission. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 321-35
  • Manager: means any person who:

         (1)  Undertakes or has undertaken to represent in any way the interest of any professional boxer in procuring, arranging, or conducting any professional contest in which the boxer is to participate as a contestant; provided that "manager" shall not include an attorney licensed to practice in this State while the attorney is representing the legal interest of a professional boxer as a client; or

         (2)  Directs or controls the boxing activities of the professional boxer. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 321-35