In this article, unless the context otherwise requires:

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 9-521

1. "Bond" means any bond issued pursuant to this article, including any tax secured bond.

2. "Governing body" means the board, commission or other body having charge of the financial affairs of a municipality.

3. "Municipality" means any incorporated city or town.

4. "Tax secured bond" means any bond authorized and issued pursuant to both this article and Title 35, Chapter 3, Article 3

5. "Utility undertaking" means any one or combination of the following:

(a) Electric light or power, water, storm water, sewer, gas, common carrier of passengers, garbage, or rubbish plant or system, including but not limited to disposal, treatment or reduction plants, buildings, incinerators, dams and reservoirs.

(b) Airport buildings or other airport facilities or buildings or structures to provide off-street parking of motor vehicles, together with all parts thereof and appurtenances thereto.