(a) There is in the State Treasury the Professions and Vocations Fund. The fund shall consist of the following special funds:

(1) Accountancy Fund.

Terms Used In California Business and Professions Code 205 v2

  • board: means any entity listed in Section 101, the entities referred to in Sections 1000 and 3600, the State Bar, the Department of Real Estate, and any other state agency that issues a license, certificate, or registration authorizing a person to engage in a business or profession. See California Business and Professions Code 31
  • license: means license, certificate, registration, or other means to engage in a business or profession regulated by this code or referred to in Section 1000 or 3600. See California Business and Professions Code 23.7
  • State: means the State of California, unless applied to the different parts of the United States. See California Business and Professions Code 21

(2) California Architects Board Fund.

(3) Athletic Commission Fund.

(4) Barbering and Cosmetology Contingent Fund.

(5) Cemetery and Funeral Fund.

(6) Contractors License Fund.

(7) State Dentistry Fund.

(8) Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation Fund.

(9) California Architects Board-Landscape Architects Fund.

(10) Contingent Fund of the Medical Board of California.

(11) Optometry Fund.

(12) Pharmacy Board Contingent Fund.

(13) Physical Therapy Fund.

(14) Private Investigator Fund.

(15) Private Security Services Fund.

(16) Professional Engineer’s, Land Surveyor’s, and Geologist’s Fund.

(17) Consumer Affairs Fund.

(18) Behavioral Sciences Fund.

(19) Licensed Midwifery Fund.

(20) Court Reporters’ Fund.

(21) Veterinary Medical Board Contingent Fund.

(22) Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians Fund.

(23) Electronic and Appliance Repair Fund.

(24) Acupuncture Fund.

(25) Physician Assistant Fund.

(26) Board of Podiatric Medicine Fund.

(27) Psychology Fund.

(28) Respiratory Care Fund.

(29) Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensers Fund.

(30) Board of Registered Nursing Fund.

(31) Animal Health Technician Examining Committee Fund.

(32) State Dental Hygiene Fund.

(33) Structural Pest Control Fund.

(34) Structural Pest Control Eradication and Enforcement Fund.

(35) Structural Pest Control Research Fund.

(36) Household Movers Fund.

(b) For accounting and recordkeeping purposes, the Professions and Vocations Fund shall be deemed to be a single special fund, and each of the several special funds therein shall constitute and be deemed to be a separate account in the Professions and Vocations Fund. Each account or fund shall be available for expenditure only for the purposes as are now or may hereafter be provided by law.

(c) This section shall become operative on July 1, 2022.

(Amended (as added by Stats. 2019, Ch. 865, Sec. 3) by Stats. 2020, Ch. 312, Sec. 8.5. (SB 1474) Effective January 1, 2021.)