Chapter 1 Taking and Possessing in General
Chapter 1.5 Endangered Species
Chapter 2 Importation, Transportation, and Sheltering of Restricted Live Wild Animals
Chapter 3 Importation and Transportation of Live Plants and Animals
Chapter 3.5 Aquatic Invasive Species
Chapter 4 Importation and Transportation of Dead Birds, Mammals, Fish, Reptiles, and Amphibia
Chapter 5 Hunting and Fishing Guides
Chapter 6 Capture, Transport or Sale of Wild Rodents
Chapter 6.5 Control of Illegally Taken Fish and Wildlife
Chapter 7 Fish and Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Act of 1984
Chapter 7.5 Wildlife and Natural Areas Conservation Program
Chapter 8 Fisheries Restoration
Chapter 9 California Wildlife Protection Act of 1990
Chapter 10 Natural Community Conservation Planning Act
Chapter 10.5 Marine Life Protection Act
Chapter 11 Habitat Maintenance Districts
Chapter 13 Salton Sea Restoration Act