(a) As used in this section:

(1) “Conducted in partnership with” means pursuant to a written agreement with a local financial institution to provide financial products and services to the public located within the jurisdiction of the public bank.

Terms Used In California Government Code 57604

  • Person: includes any person, firm, association, organization, partnership, limited liability company, business trust, corporation, or company. See California Government Code 17
  • Subdivision: means a subdivision of the section in which the term occurs unless some other section is expressly mentioned. See California Government Code 10

(2) “Infrastructure lending” means granting a loan or extending credit to a local agency for the purpose of building or improving public infrastructure, including housing projects, as defined in § 34212 of the Health and Safety Code, and affordable housing, as defined in subdivision (a) of Section 62250.

(3) “Local agency banking” means providing any of the following services to a local agency:

(A) Accepting a deposit of any kind.

(B) Granting a loan or extension of credit of any kind.

(4) “Participation lending” means purchasing or selling an interest in a loan or loans originated by or sold to a local financial institution, or originating, leading, or directing a loan transaction involving a local financial institution pursuant to a written agreement with the local financial institution.

(5) “Person” means a person as defined in § 127 of the Financial Code, except that a person does not mean a local agency as defined in § 50001 of the Government Code, but includes any individual employed by a local agency.

(6) “Retail activities” means providing any kind of financial product or service to a person that is typically offered or provided by a local financial institution, including, but not limited to, all of the following:

(A) Accepting a deposit of any kind from a person, including the issuance of shares by a credit union.

(B) Granting a loan or extension of credit, of any kind, to a person.

(7) “Wholesale lending” means granting a loan or extension of credit to a local financial institution.

(b) Except as provided in paragraph (2) of subdivision (c), a public bank shall conduct retail activities in partnership with local financial institutions and shall not compete with local financial institutions.

(c) A public bank may do both of the following:

(1) Engage in all of the following banking activities:

(A) Local agency banking.

(B) Infrastructure lending.

(C) Wholesale lending.

(D) Participation lending.

(2) Engage in retail activities without partnering with a local financial institution, if those retail activities are not offered or provided by local financial institutions in the jurisdiction of the local agency or agencies that own the public bank.

(Added by Stats. 2019, Ch. 442, Sec. 16. (AB 857) Effective January 1, 2020.)