(a) For purposes of sections 1-100oo, 1-206, 2-71r, 4-176, 4-180, 4-183, 4a-52a, 4a-60q, 4a-63, 4a-100, 4e-34, 4e-35, 7-65, 7-148w, 7-247a, 7-473c, 7-478e, 8-3b, 8-3i, 8-7d, 8-26b, 8-169r, 8-293, 9-388, 9-608, 9-623, 10a-22c, 10a-22i, 10a-34a, 10a-109n, 12-35, 12-157, 12-242ii, 12-242jj, 13a-80, 13a-123, 15-11a, 16-41, 16-50c, 16-50d, 17a-103b, 19a-87, 19a-87c, 19a-209c, 19a-332e, 19a-343a, 19a-486a, 19a-486c, 19a-486d, 19a-497, 19a-507b, 20-205a, 20-325a, 21-63, 21-80, 22-7, 22a-6b, 22a-6u, 22a-30, 22a-42d, 22a-42f, 22a-66d, 22a-137, 22a-178, 22a-225, 22a-228, 22a-250, 22a-354p, 22a-354s, 22a-354t, 22a-361, 22a-371, 22a-401, 22a-403, 22a-433, 22a-436, 22a-449f, 22a-449l, 22a-449n, 22a-504, 22a-626, 23-46, 23-65j, 23-651, 23-65p, 25-32, 25-32e, 25-331, 25-34, 25-204, 25-234, 29-108d, 31-57c, 31-57d, 31-355, 32-613, 33-663, 33-929, 33-1053, 33-1219, 34-521, 35-42, 36a-50, 36a-51, 36a-52, 36a-53, 36a-82, 36a-184, 36a-493, 36b-62, 36b-72, 38-323a, 38a-344, 38a-676, 38a-724, 38a-788, 42-158j, 42-161, 42-181, 42-182, 42-186, 42-271, 45a-716, 46b-115w, 46b-128, 47-42d, 47-74f, 47-88b, 47-236, 47-284, 47a-11b, 47a-11d, 47a-13a, 47a-14h, 47a-56b, 49-2, 49-4a, 49-8, 49-8a, 49-10b, 49-31b, 49-51, 49-70, 51-90e, 52-57, 52-59b, 52-63, 52-64, 52-195c, 52-350e, 52-351b, 52-361a, 52-362, 52-565a, 52-605, 52-606, 53-401, 53a-128, 53a-128d, 53a-207 and 54-82c and chapter 965, any reference to certified mail, return receipt requested, shall include mail, electronic, and digital methods of receiving the return receipt, including all methods of receiving the return receipt identified by the Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service in Chapter 500 of the Domestic Mail Manual or any subsequent corresponding document of the United States Postal Service.

(b) The Legislative Commissioners’ Office shall, in codifying the provisions of this section, make such technical, grammatical and punctuation changes and statutory placements and classifications, including, but not limited to, the addition of newly enacted material to the sections listed in subsection (a) of this section as are necessary to carry out the purposes of this section.