§ 12-256 Tax on gross earnings of community antenna television systems, one-way satellite transmission businesses and certified competitive video service providers
§ 12-256c A portion of total tax payable with respect to telecommunications service rendered to be paid to the state and a portion thereof to be paid to municipalities in which the taxpayer operates
§ 12-256f Amortization of portion of tax on gross earnings from telecommunications service for 1989 tax year plus entire tax under section 12-256g authorized for rate-making purposes
§ 12-256g Additional tax for 1989 tax year applicable to companies subject to tax under this chapter for telecommunications service rendered
§ 12-257 Companies furnishing, leasing or operating railroad cars
§ 12-258 Apportionment of gross earnings. Rates of tax
§ 12-258a Tax credit for expenditures for water pollution abatement facilities
§ 12-258d Tax credit for expenditures to establish day care facilities for children of employees