§ 20-50 Podiatric medicine defined
§ 20-50a Requirements for surgery
§ 20-51 Examining board: Appointment and qualifications
§ 20-54 Qualifications for general practice, medical and nonsurgical treatment of the ankle and surgical treatment of the ankle. Permits. Exception for surgery under the direct supervision of a physician or surgeon. Regulations. Effect of permit on hospital privi
§ 20-55 Examinations. Fees
§ 20-56 List of practitioners to be filed
§ 20-57 Licensure without examination
§ 20-58 Transmittal of certificate to Department of Health Services. License
§ 20-58a Professional liability insurance required, when. Amount of insurance. Reporting requirements
§ 20-59 Disciplinary action by board; grounds
§ 20-63 Title “Doctor” not to be used
§ 20-64 Ownership or operation of office
§ 20-65 Penalty