§ 22-26aa State program for the preservation of agricultural land
§ 22-26bb Definitions
§ 22-26cc State acquisition of development rights to agricultural land. Program established. Joint ownership by the state and a town. Assistance of nonprofit organization. State acquisition of right to construct residence or farm structure
§ 22-26dd Maps of land use in state. To include soil types, crops and use classification
§ 22-26ee and 22-26ff Study of state responsibilities and opportunities for preserving and developing Connecticut’s dairy industry. Commissioner to report on acquisition of development rights
§ 22-26gg Regulations
§ 22-26hh Bond authorization
§ 22-26ii Inspection of restricted land
§ 22-26jj Acquisition of fee simple title to agricultural lands. Lease of property
§ 22-26kk List of agricultural land whose development rights have been offered to state
§ 22-26ll Farmland Preservation Advisory Board. Established. Membership meetings. Responsibilities
§ 22-26mm Municipal loan program. Account. Regulations
§ 22-26nn Community farms program. Criteria. Notice of acquisition. Removal of restriction. Annual installment payments. Joint ownership of development rights with municipality. Liability. Letter of intent requesting assistance. Right to construct residence or farm
§ 22-26oo Farm at Southbury Training School. Transfer of control. Permanent conservation easement. Lease for engaging in agriculture. Conservation plan
§ 22-26pp Savin Farm in the town of Lebanon. Authority re conservation or preservation restriction
§ 22-26qq Conservation or preservation restrictions on department lands