§ 22-410 Awards to breeders of winning race horses. Connecticut Breeders’ Fund
§ 22-411 Registration of Connecticut-bred horses and breeding records of stallions
§ 22-412 Promotion of equine industry
§ 22-413 Health certification of equines. Penalty
§ 22-414 Supervision of public equine auctions. Licenses. Fees. Penalty
§ 22-415 Inhumane transportation of equines. Penalty. Regulations
§ 22-415a Equine infectious anemia: Definitions
§ 22-415b Required testing for equine infectious anemia for equines exposed to the disease
§ 22-415c Requirements for the importation of equines into Connecticut. Penalties
§ 22-415d Written permission for transfer of ownership of an equine that tested positive
§ 22-415e Isolation; retesting. Freeze-brand
§ 22-415f Disposal. Proposal for isolation area
§ 22-415g Isolation area requirements
§ 22-415h Equine semen imported into Connecticut
§ 22-415i Inspection
§ 22-415j Regulations

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