§ 47-37 When acquired by adverse use
§ 47-38 Mode of preventing acquisition
§ 47-39 Service of notice upon the party claiming the easement
§ 47-40 Giving of notice when party unknown
§ 47-41 Notice considered a disturbance of the right
§ 47-42 Easements for public utility or railway purposes
§ 47-42a Definitions
§ 47-42b Enforcement of conservation and preservation restrictions held by governmental body or charitable corporation
§ 47-42c Acquisition of restrictions. Enforcement by Attorney General
§ 47-42d Permit applications filed with state or local land use agency, local building official or director of health. Appeals by party or state agency holding restriction. Civil penalty
§ 47-42e Municipal property acquired with intent to place restriction or dedicated as park or open space land. Recording in land records. Enforcement
§ 47-42f Maintenance of private easement or right-of-way. Costs. Action for specific performance or contribution